Review : Las Paletas – The Artisan Lollie Revolution

I have never been more enthusiastic to share anything with anyone as I have been with these gourmet lollies from Las Paletas.

When I read about these products, I just had to find out more about the lovely Las Paletas and what they do as I was overly intrigued by these little magical things called artisan lollies.

Diana and Jason, owners of Las Paletas, have such an amazing excitement about their products that it is truly refreshing. No artificial colorants, no preservatives and only real fruit, spices and proper dairy products are used in these tasty delights.

Owners Diana & Jason

Owners Diana & Jason

Owners Diana & Jason

Owners Diana & Jason

From flavors such as Pineapple & Chili, Strawberry Sorbet, Sour Mango, Coconut Lemonade, Watermelon & Mint, and their signature lollie Guava Cheesecake. They are truly addictive!

Gorgeous Lollies

Gorgeous Lollies

The inspiration for the signature lollie originated from Diana childhood back in cultural Colombia. Many of the children in Colombia are brought up on fruity delights and the guava fruit is a very popular food given to kids.

The first lollie I had was a Coconut Lemonade one. Wow. Extremely refreshing, tasty and special as these lollie are all handmade.

Coconut Lemonade Lollies

Coconut Lemonade Lollies

There is no doubt that Las Paletas lollie are a hit with everyone. Healthy, tasty and magical. Who wouldn’t want to have one of each and enjoy every single bit of it. 🙂

I am hooked and a self proclaimed ambassador for these amazing products!

Go out and try each flavor. You WON’T be disappointed. 🙂

There is one for everyone...

There is one for everyone…


2 thoughts on “Review : Las Paletas – The Artisan Lollie Revolution

  1. I agree! My favorite is definitely the Coconut Lemonade. It is so refreshing and so addictive 🙂 Each one I’ve had has been absolutely amazing!

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